Dissolving a marriage can be time-consuming, complicated and overwhelming. Particularly if one spouse is unmotivated to resolve the issues or takes unreasonable positions. While every case and client is unique, our goal is to protect your interests, fight for your family, and resolve your divorce as quickly and efficiently as possible. We cannot foresee or control the conduct of third parties, but we work zealously to give you the best outcome while minimizing your costs and your stress in the process. 


Establishing paternity refers to the process of obtaining a court order or Official Declaration of Paternity that says who the legal parents of a child are. Once paternity is established, the court can make orders for child support, health insurance, child custody, visitation, name change, and reimbursement of pregnancy and birth expenses. Our office handles various types of paternity cases.  If you  are in need of child support , custody and visitation or related orders, or if you wish to dispute paternity contact our office today.


Child custody and visitation disputes are amongst the most difficult and emotionally draining legal disputes a person will ever face.  This is especially true in cases of parental alienation, high-conflict break-ups, or where one of the parents suffers from substance abuse or mental health problems.  Choosing the right attorney for your custody and visitation case can affect yours' and your child's well-being for the rest of your life. If you need to establish or modify child custody or visitation orders, contact our office today. We pride ourselves in developing a personalized, results-driven approach for each family.  


Family Code 3010 provides that both parents are "equally entitled to the custody of the child" yet some mothers feel and act as if their parental rights to custody and visitation are superior to those of the child's father.  Fortunately, judicial attitudes towards custody and visitation have come a long way.  Nevertheless, father's often have to fight for their rights.  If you are searching for a zealous father's rights advocate contact our office today.  We will fight to get you and your family the results you deserve.


In California, parents share a mutual responsibility to support their children yet often times, one parent or the other refuses to do so.  With very limited exceptions, child support is determined by the Court's using uniform, state-wide guidelines that take consider each parent's respective income and custodial time, amongst various other factors.  The guidelines are designed to simplify the process of awarding support and reduce litigation but often times self-represented parties find them difficult to understand. If you need help understanding the process and/ or understanding your rights and obligations regarding child support contact our office today.  

There are various ways to obtain attorney’s fees in California pursuant to the Family Code. Our Firm has successfully obtained fee awards pursuant to various family codes including Family Code § 2030 (need based fees in a marital dissolution) and Family Code § 6344 (prevailing party fees in domestic violence proceedings). If you need help paying attorney’s fees and the other party has the ability to pay, contact our office today for a free case assessment.   



An unfortunate reality in family law litigation is that Domestic violence restraining orders are frequently misused to gain a strategic advantage in the litigation.  Having a restraining order issued against you can have severe adverse consequences for years to come, including loss of employment. If you have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence contact our office today. With our zealous and detail oriented approach we have successfully represented various victims of domestic violence and persons wrongfully accused of same.